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Black Paint vs Dissipate™ Coating

We came across this video that perfectly explains why painting your intercooler black is not the correct solution.

This video is a response to Mighty Car Mods, which we also follow and respect, but we have to agree with this guy here. Paint insults the core, which is the exact opposite of what you would want to do on a FMIC.

Conversely, our Dissipate™ coating has the same or better thermal conductivity as aluminum, so it isn’t negatively affecting the core temperature and can even draw heat away from the coated core.

Project Old Yeller: Drop It Like It’s Hot

Welcome to part 3 of our employee vehicle builds. In the last installment of Project Old Yeller, we detailed the search for the perfect set of wheels. Since this car is natural aspirated and there are little gains to be had without forced induction, the focus of the build is on handling and grip.

With the new wheels installed, the car was looking great, but the ride height left much to be desired. Many Audi / VW owners choose to go with air ride and slam their cars to the ground. Although this was a tempting idea, I wanted the car to retain the excellent handling characteristics that I loved about the car, while still remaining very daily drivable. On past vehicles I had a tendency to go overboard on trying to get all out race spec coilovers with custom spring rates, bone jarring dampening, and rebound that would slowly shake the car apart. Learning from my past mistakes and with this being a road car, I went with a less agressive Bilstein B14 coilover.

The end result is ride quality that truly feels similar to stock, but with decreased body roll and more confidence inspiring cornering. The ride height has only been lowered about 2 inches to ensure that the car still has ample clearance and doesn’t ride like a shopping cart. Combined with the new suspension, an alignment with a small amount of negative camber keeps the car ready for the twisties.

Now the car is confidence inspiring, pleasantly quick, and a joy to drive. Next up, we’ll be adding some factory parts borrowed from a Porsche 996TT.

First 3 Second Coyote-Powered Vehicle

It’s no surprise that Ford’s latest 5.0L power plant has immense potential. Now for the first time, a coyote powered car has made it into the 3’s. This is incredible territory for an engine based on a production coyote power plant.

More details here.

Focus RS Return

After some time in California for development with Anderson Composites, our Focus RS is finally back on home turf. We were lucky enough to finish all of the necessary go-fast parts for the build prior to shipping the car off to SEMA in mid October. During this time, the team at Anderson added some lovely carbon fiber bits to the car and really made this think look show worthy. With a set of wheels from Fifteen52 and suspension provided by Eibach and Whiteline, the RS is now truly a force to be reckoned with.

Here are some photos of the car on its return. We’ll have a full photoshoot of this car shortly and plenty of more in depth information on this build.

New Year, New Website

Happy 2017 everyone! Custom Performance Engineering was able to make some improvements in 2016 and we saw a massive amount of products released last year. Here’s to hoping that 2017 is even better!

To celebrate the new year, we’re releasing the new version of our website. We hope that you enjoy the new look.

cp-e at PRI 2016

Much like SEMA, PRI is an even that we attend every year where we make new contacts and show off our latest and greatest products.

This year was especially sucessful with the first public showing of our Stage 2 FMIC for the Ford Mustang EcoBoost and a new intake manifold for the platform. In addition to these exciting products, we also previewed our Ford Focus RS intake manifold. These products are sure to cause a stir in their respective communities and we can’t wait to release them!























New EcoBoost 1/4 Mile Record: 10.24 UPR Products Mustang

Our friends over at UPR Products reset the EcoBoost Mustang 1/4 mile record this weekend. We’re getting closer and closer to 9’s and love seeing these records being set. Thanks to Steve and the team at UPR for pushing the envelope and showing us what the Borg Warner kit is capable of on their Mustang EcoBoost. Check out this video of the record setting 10.24 @ 134 run.

The car is running a cp-e™ Borg Warner Atmosphere Big Turbo kit with a 7670 turbo.

cp-e sponsored Mustang EcoBoost in Race Pages

TurboZentrum Dealer Spotlight

BG Racing Mustang Updates

Ford Nationals 2016

This year was an exciting year for cp-e at Ford Nationals. We had some great success from BG Racing showing our sponsored street EcoBoost project, to Manny’s cp-e sponsored EcoBoost taking home the first place trophy. All of the show stopping EcoBoosts this weekend were running cp-e parts.

Turbo Zentrum Representing cp-e in Germany

Ron’s Big Turbo EcoBoost Mustang Build

One of our sponsor Mustang EcoBoost’s was featured in an American Muscle install video. We’re huge fans of AM and Ron’s car, so we loved seeing this put together.

Check out the video below for a glimpse inside the cp-e Engineering facility and our upcoming twin-droll Borg Warner turbo kit.

Woodward Dream Cruise

While the American Muscle show was going on this weekend, there was another celebration of Mustangs and Fast Fords going on in Michigan. Luckily we were able to hit both shows to see the Focus RS in person.

We’re extremely excited about the new RS and can’t wait to see the GT350R out on the street. This car already sounds amazing, but after hearing what LTH headers sound like on the GT platform, we have high hopes for this one.


Mustang Ecoboost in 12’s

Great things are on the horizon. We can’t wait to get our Ecoboost and start pushing the limits of the platform!

RWD coupled with a high performance 2.3 Liter and Twin Scroll turbo is going to be a game changer. Stay tuned for Ecoboost performance mods from cp-e™.

cp-e™ Stage 2 Rear Motor Mount Orders

cp-e™ is reaching out to you in regards to your backorder for a cp-e™ Stage 2 Rear Motor Mount for either the Mazdaspeed3 or the Focus ST.  All of us at cp-e™ would like to thank you for your patience and continued support.  As many of you may know, we have had some issues with our main CNC machine that mills these mounts.  The repairs to this machine have recently been finalized and, pending successful testing, production will begin again very soon.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we don’t see any more issues!

We wanted to let you know that these mounts are our number one priority when these machines come back online, and we will be fulfilling orders as quickly as possible.  With that being said, we are asking for you to help us – help you!  We would like each and every one of you to contact us at  We would like you to respond to this email by choosing one of the two choices below:

1.       You would like to receive your mount as soon as possible.  cp-e™ will skip the anodizing step, and skip the laser engraving step.  cp-e™ will send you a raw billet mount that is 100% functional and will not perform any differently.

2.       You would like to continue to wait for the mount.  cp-e™ will send you a mount once it is anodized black and laser engraved.  This will take an additional 2-4 weeks after machining has finished.

Again, thanks for your patience and understanding!  Please respond to this email by contacting or calling us at 301-576-6142.  If you do not respond to this email, we will fulfill your order as quickly as possible by sending you a mount that is raw billet with no anodizing and no laser engraving.

We will take responses up until April 1st, after which all back orders will be filled with raw billet mounts.