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Focus Rising 2018

We’re ecstatic to announce that we’re the title sponsor this year for Focus Rising! This event is always filled with great builds and we’re really glad to be a part of it this year.


Mike Silbernagel Autocross

Here’s a great shot of our sponsored car @unfocusedracing holding it down in autocross over the weekend. Congrats on finishing 2nd in your class and hanging with the stiff AWD and RWD competition.

Travis Manion Foundation 5k

Back from Mustang Week 2017

The Journey to Mustang Week 2017

This year Mustang Week is much later than usual and it’s been moved to inside a convention center, so many people are wondering what the turn out will be like. We decided to jump in with both feet and drive our project Focus RS down for the event. Once the rain stopped, we jumped in the car and hit the road.

Seat time in this car is always rewarding and it truly is a blast to drive. With all of the Anderson Composites modifications, the lowered ride height, and the potential for tons of rock chips, we decided to tape up the car pretty substantially.

Lucky for us, painter’s tape is a pretty good match for the factory Nitrous Blue paint. With out entire front end taped up, we made set out on the road. When we stopped for a quick fill up, we figured it was as good a time as any to get a photo of the car.

With all of the reports about a hurricane hitting Florida shortly and the close proximity to Mustang Week, we wanted to be sure we could get out of town right away if needed. Luckily the Focus RS is happy to oblige and we could make it back rapidly and on about a tank and a half.

Made it. Time to inspect the car for rock chips.

Now that we’re at the show, we’ve setup at VMP Tuning’s booth and are ready to show this beast off.

And here a few more of the show overall.

Dissipate Coating on a Fiesta ST

Our Dissipate™ coating doesn’t just make your FMIC look stealthy, it helps to draw heat out of the core! This unique coating was developed with our partner @customperformancecoating for FMIC coatings. Here a Fiesta ST has the core coated along with our Intake installed. This thing should be a lot of fun to carve the canyons!

Focus Fest 2017 by Mike Silbernagel

One of our sponsored Focus ST’s was at Focus Fest 2017. Mike Silbernagel created a video that shows off his journey and some of the photos from the event. Also, Mike was able to take home 3rd in the 2013-2014 Focus ST class. Great job Mike!


Mazdaspeed3 on the Nurburgring

We always love seeing vehicles running our parts on the track, but this really is pretty cool. The Nurburgring is a fabled test track in Germany that has a notorious reputation since so many car manufacturers set lap times at this massive track.

Will Toth sent us this photo of his Mazdaspeed3 on the ‘Ring with a cp-e Downpipe and FMIC. Great photo and we’re certainly jealous that you got to drive the Nurburgring!


cp-e Sponsored Auto-X

One of our sponsored Focus ST’s was at Focus Fest this weekend where he was tearing it up at auto-x the entire weekend. These cars are such a great driver’s car and platform for this type of racing, so we STRONGLY support this! Great driving out there Mike!




Visit to AMS

It’s clear to see why AMS is synonymous with GTR modification. Their dedication to the platform and true engineering set them apart from the competition. We had a blast checking out their facility and loved seeing what they’re working on. Major props to Martin, Adam and Dennis for making us feel right at home in Chicago, IL. cp-e was very lucky to have the chance to get an inside look at our partners over at @amsperformance . Team cp-e wishes we had cars this fast!