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Happy EcoBoost Customer

Thanks to Scott for sending of the installed photos of our parts on his 2015 Mustang EcoBoost. Looks great!

Just installed some cpe parts on my 2015 ecoboost mustang. Great quality parts and looks amazing.

New Dissipate™ Coating

cp-e™ in conjunction with cpc™ is proud to introduce our new Dissipate™ coating. This particular core is going to SCT for thermal testing and tuning on their blacked out F-150 3.5L EcoBoost.

This coating isn’t a paint or powder, it is actually a three step ceramic process that pulls heat away from the intercooler. This coating will be an option on the Ford EcoBoost ∆Core™ FMIC and Mustang EcoBoost Stage 2 ∆Core™ FMIC

Stock BMW 330 Dyno Results

Whenever we pick up a new project car, we always love to get it on the dyno and see what the factory power curve looks like. Sure the numbers are good to know too, but the power delivery is always very exciting.

This new BMW did not disappoint with it’s ridiculously flat torque curve. Aren’t turbo 4 cylinders supposed to lag?

New cp-e Development Vehicle: BMW 330xi

We’re proud to announce our new development vehicle, a BMW 330xi. We’ve had a strong history with BMW’s and one of our most memorable project cars was the Black Knight 1M. After years of experience with BMW’s first DI turbo offerings, we’re excited to see the capabilities with their new engines.

The last BMW’s that we had the pleasure of producing parts for were twin turbo inline 6’s. This time things are different. The 330xi in question is outfitted with a 2.0L direct injected engine featuring a peppy twin scroll turbo. We LOVE twin scroll turbos. With the flat torque curves and incredibly impressive numbers, they’re truly the replacement for displacement.

We picked our BMW up at BMW of Silver Spring and worked with Nic Brown to find the perfect vehicle. Nic and everyone at BMW of Silver Spring were a pleasure to deal with and we’ll be going with them exclusively on all future BMW development vehicles.

Lately we’ve been buying a lot of Fords from Michigan, so the drive home was a little easier this time than we’re used to.

Picking the car up and driving home less than an hour made this a very easy experience. Our car has the optional M Sport package which gives us some impressive brakes, great wheels, and a sportier body from the factory.

Once we got the car home, it was time to take it to the usual first photoshoot spot at the Navy Stadium. This location is a landmark for Annapolis, MD and we had to keep with tradition.

cp-e Focus RS Meet-Up Photos

This weekend we hosted our first Focus RS specific event and it was a huge success. The turnout was great, everyone’s RS’s were putting out great numbers on our dyno, and the crowd couldn’t have been better.

We hope to have another Focus RS event in the future, since this one was such a great time.

Sean’s 1989 BMW E30 325is Coupe

In this installment of our cp-e employee vehicle series, we dive into our Head of Engineering, Sean’s BMW E30. This car perfectly embodies the sleeper mentality with few visual cues to the power that is hiding under the hood. Starting with a clean, although high mileage 325is, Sean has replaced and modified the car extensively, while exercising restraint in the exterior appearance of the car. The only hints that something isn’t stock here are the wheels and tires.

The pièce de résistance of this build is clearly the engine. Sean has removed the tired factory M20B25 has been replaced with a much more lively US-Spec S50B30 from an E36 M3. With the extra horsepower and torque of the S50 combined with the lighter weight of the E30, this car can really move. All of this is combined with an agile chassis and excellent handling courtesy of the custom coilover setup and supporting bushings. The end result is a vehicle that has 375k miles, but rides like it just came off of the production line a few years ago.

As far as sleepers go, this is pretty much an ideal build and would make many Focus and Fiesta ST owners think twice if they saw it at a light.

Engine & Performance
US-Spec S50B30 engine from 1995 E36 M3
Euro-Spec S50 Headers
Frankenstein exhaust built from 1995 M3 factory exhaust

Transmission & Drivetrain
ZF310 Transmission
E36 M3 Driveshaft
E30 2.93 LSD
UUC EVO 3 Short Shifter and DSSR
AKG 24V Polyurethane Motor mounts
Reinforced Trans Mounts
E46 330ci Steering Rack

Ground Control Coilover Conversion with Shortened Housings using Koni Sport Single Adjustable Struts in front
TC Kline Springs and Bilstein Sport Struts in Rear
Polyurethane Subframe and Trailing Arm Bushings
E30 M3 Offset Control Arm Bushings
TRM C1 15×7 Wheels
205/50/15 Dunlop DZ101 Tires

Project Old Yeller: Drop It Like It’s Hot

Welcome to part 3 of our employee vehicle builds. In the last installment of Project Old Yeller, we detailed the search for the perfect set of wheels. Since this car is natural aspirated and there are little gains to be had without forced induction, the focus of the build is on handling and grip.

With the new wheels installed, the car was looking great, but the ride height left much to be desired. Many Audi / VW owners choose to go with air ride and slam their cars to the ground. Although this was a tempting idea, I wanted the car to retain the excellent handling characteristics that I loved about the car, while still remaining very daily drivable. On past vehicles I had a tendency to go overboard on trying to get all out race spec coilovers with custom spring rates, bone jarring dampening, and rebound that would slowly shake the car apart. Learning from my past mistakes and with this being a road car, I went with a less agressive Bilstein B14 coilover.

The end result is ride quality that truly feels similar to stock, but with decreased body roll and more confidence inspiring cornering. The ride height has only been lowered about 2 inches to ensure that the car still has ample clearance and doesn’t ride like a shopping cart. Combined with the new suspension, an alignment with a small amount of negative camber keeps the car ready for the twisties.

Now the car is confidence inspiring, pleasantly quick, and a joy to drive. Next up, we’ll be adding some factory parts borrowed from a Porsche 996TT.

Ford Focus RS Exhaust

We’ve had a lot of questions about how our upcoming Ford Focus RS exhaust will sound. Well, the answer is raspy and about as racecar as you can get when paired with our catless downpipe. We will be releasing a valved version of this exhaust, but this is our entry level exhaust for the people that just want pure sound all the time.

Now The Ford Raptor Can Be Tuned

It’s always a little bit of a waiting game with a brand new engine and platform. With the announcement of the Ford Raptor coming from the factory with a twin turbo V6, we knew there were going to be a TON of gains to be had with this engine. Heck, this engine makes 200 more horsepower in the Ford GT with a few tweaks and larger turbos, so there has to be some room left on the table.

After a few months, HP Tuners has broken into the ECU. Now we can sit back and wait while other tuners embrace this platform. Let’s get ready for some crazy fast pickup trucks…

More here.


Next Generation Ford Fiesta ST

The Ford Fiesta ST is a platform that many people thought couldn’t work in the US. With a tiny 1.6L, low weight, and lots of fun, this car has taken the US by storm and really found a following.



The next generation of the Fiesta builds on the success and proven recipe of the first, but refines the car further. This should be an awesome vehicle!

Ford Focus RS Sales Going Strong

The Ford Focus RS is one of the best performance hatchbacks on the market available anywhere. Usually we’re teased with all of the stories of great hot hatches that are available across the pond that never make their way here due to Americans not understanding hatches. Luckily this time we have access to one of the best hot hatches of all time and sales are showing that Americans really can appreciate this type of car. We love the Focus RS and hope to see more usable, daily drivable, high performance cars make it to the US.

More at the link here.


First 3 Second Coyote-Powered Vehicle

It’s no surprise that Ford’s latest 5.0L power plant has immense potential. Now for the first time, a coyote powered car has made it into the 3’s. This is incredible territory for an engine based on a production coyote power plant.

More details here.

Ford Mustang – China’s Most Popular Sports Car

Recently we mentioned that the Ford Raptor had finally made it to China. The Mustang has been sold in China before, but now the sales volume has reached the point that Sync 3 needed a Chinese version. It’s awesome to see Ford succeeding in China, where previously their cars were just imported through gray market resellers. Now Ford has cut out the middle man and is bringing their best cars directly into China.

The Ford Raptor Graces Our Dyno

Whenever we develop parts for a new platform, we always like to get a nice baseline dyno. Today we put the Raptor on the dyno and got some numbers.

After driving the truck up initially, we saw that it wouldn’t fit on the dyno like a normal car would. Luckily, we’ve dyno’d a few trucks throughout the years, and had a fix to this problem. After turning the truck around, we were able to get a nice pull.

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