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BMW 330xi Downpipe Test Fit

To make sure that every part we make fits perfectly, we always do extensive test fitting and mock ups prior to releasing a product. To start this downpipe, we went to CAD and used data that we had gathered from ultra-precise measurements to create something that would theoretically fit perfectly.

We aim to maximize the performance of our products, without jeopardizing OEM-like fitment. In the case of this downpipe, we ended up with a very large, high flowing part. Prior to making our first working mock-up, we 3D printed the piece to allow us to have a quick way to test for perfect fitment. We’re happy to say, the piece fits beautifully and we can go to production with our first design!

Raptors on the Rocks

Even if you aren’t a truck enthusiast, there’s a good chance that you still can appreciate the Ford Raptor. These trucks are just so incredibly cool, rugged, and just all around badass. They certainly can hold their own on the road, but what happens when they go off-road? This article looks into just that.

SCT Products Now In Stock

We’re please to announce that we’re now carrying the full line of SCT Tuning products! We have SCT X4’s and Livewire TS in stock and ready to ship.

Why did we start carrying SCT? We wanted to provide our customers with more tuning solutions for all of the vehicles that we make parts for.

SCT has created a tuning platform that allows for complete control over your vehicle. With solutions available for all 1999 and newer Ford vehicles, 2008 and newer Dodge / Chrysler / Jeep vehicles, and 1999 and newer GM vehicles, SCT offers comprehensive tunes that can be modified as you modify your vehicle.

Tuning your car or truck is very easy, and totally reversible if you decide to remove the tune when you sell your vehicle. Flashing is done through the OBDII port at home, and doesnt require bench flashing, permanent modification to your vehicle, or any expensive install fees. Unlock hidden horsepower and torque in your car or truck.

EcoBoost F-150 FMIC Review

When it comes to core size, the ’11-’14 EcoBoost F-150 is the king of them all. With the massive core cooling charge air for the 3.5LL Twin Turbo, this truck is a force to be reckoned with.

I finally installed that intercooler. Everything went as expected or better. It’s a very nicely built part and I was impressed with its design and fitment. That black coating looks awesome too. Everything I needed was there. Took maybe 2 hours with some breaks and my 3 year old helping. Over this next week I will collect data and see how she does. Today I drove it lightly and got into a little boost to test the clamps and couplings for leaks. So far so good. Intake Air temp was about 87 and after the Charge Cooler Temp was around 94. This was only about 10 minutes of driving on the highway.

Exclusive Nitrous Blue Focus RS Parts at CJ Pony Parts

Nitrous Blue is one of the most impressive colors to be sprayed on any car, let alone a hatchback. When we first saw this color, we knew that we had to order our own Focus RS in Nitrous Blue and release a limited set of color matched parts for the RS.

Now those parts are available EXCLUSIVELY through CJ Pony Parts. Click on the images below to visit CJ and pick up your Focus RS parts in Nitrous Blue.

Exclusive Focus RS for Ford Europe

Even with a global car, such as the Focus RS, it’s only a matter of time until certain market-specific special editions are announced. With the limited 2018’s coming out soon, it looks like Ford Europe has one more trick up its sleeve.

More information here.

cp-e is now an SCT Dealer!

Custom Performance Engineering is proud to announce that we will now be offering SCT Tuning devices in addition to our product line from Cobb. As we’ve stepped into more and more of the Ford lineup, we needed to seek a solution for tuning the new Raptor EcoBoost, the Mustang V8, and the Fusion 2.0L / 2.7L Sport.

We’ve seen what SCT is capable of firsthand with Brad Gusler’s 9 second EcoBoost Mustang race car. This additional tool will allow us to dyno tune more vehicles and expand our in-house tuning department. We’ll still continue to sell the Cobb Accessports, as we love this product, we’re just looking for a way to offer our customers more solutions.

We’ll now be offering the full line of SCT products with more custom dyno tuning solutions available shortly!

Black Paint vs Dissipate™ Coating

We came across this video that perfectly explains why painting your intercooler black is not the correct solution.

This video is a response to Mighty Car Mods, which we also follow and respect, but we have to agree with this guy here. Paint insults the core, which is the exact opposite of what you would want to do on a FMIC.

Conversely, our Dissipate™ coating has the same or better thermal conductivity as aluminum, so it isn’t negatively affecting the core temperature and can even draw heat away from the coated core.

Happy EcoBoost Customer

Thanks to Scott for sending of the installed photos of our parts on his 2015 Mustang EcoBoost. Looks great!

Just installed some cpe parts on my 2015 ecoboost mustang. Great quality parts and looks amazing.

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