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Custom Performance Engineering (cp-e™) specializes in direct injected turbocharged performance. Founded in 2003, we are committed to providing the best possible parts for every platform that we support.

We have an extensive catalog for the Ford EcoBoost and Mazdaspeed market, as well as many other product lines. Visit our shop to see what parts we make for your vehicle.

Made in the USA

All of our products are made in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty. Our warehouse is located in Spartanburg, South Carolina where we design, test, and fabricate all of our products. We offer in-house dyno, install, and tuning services. Our products are built in a CAD environment and each part is inspected prior to being packed and shipped.

Ford EcoBoost

The Ford EcoBoost changed the game when it comes to direct-injected turbo vehicles. Prior to Ford’s small displacement turbo engines, the status quo accepted much lower horsepower output. Predecessors to Ford’s turbocharged cars (with the exception of the Mazdaspeeds) generally made around 200hp and could get to around 240hp with supporting mods.

Ford’s 2.0L turbo comes out of the gates with 252hp and can make a substantial amount more power with the proper modifications. We are experts on the Ford EcoBoost platform and have an extension catalog of parts for most EcoBoost vehicles.

Whether you need a new rear engine mount, or need to keep temps down with a FMIC, we have you covered. cp-e has made EcoBoost products since these cars were new and has helped pioneer the way for these platforms. With our turbo kit being the first in the world to hit 10’s and then 9’s on an EcoBoost, we have the race results needed for your street car.


Mazda was one of the first car companies to combine turbo-charging with direct injection. The results speak for themselves and the Mazdaspeed3 and Mazdaspeed6 love mods. These cars have plenty of power from the factory, but with a few modifications, they can be properly quick.

We have supported Mazdaspeed platforms since they came out and have helped push the envelope on what is possible with these cars. Although they are discontinued, the Mazdaspeeds still outperform many new cars on the market.

If you have a Mazdaspeed, look no further than cp-e for all of your aftermarket parts.


cp-e has a reputation for building some of the largest and more efficient intercoolers on the market. We started with the Mazdaspeed front mounts, but our Focus ST FMICs have made a huge splash. Used on everything from daily drivers with a few mods to full blown race cars, our intercoolers are versatile and right for any build.


cp-e builds sealed intake boxes that increase performance while looking like a work of art. With standard black powder coat or an uncoated finish, a cp-e intake is a match to your turbocharged vehicle.If you have a Mazdaspeed, look no further than cp-e for all of your aftermarket parts.


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