When the current Taurus SHO was released we were pretty intrigued. Although it looked like a normal dadmobile to the average person, this monster packed a twin turbo V6. We loved the car and the easily attainable power that this motor provided, our only problem was that it was just a little too big. Enter the Ford Fusion and its combination of a mid size sedan, AWD, and the stout 2.0T from the Focus ST. We jumped right on this car and have had some great gains from the car with simple bolt ons. Thanks to the smaller size, this car is really maneuverable and the horsepower gains are easily felt.


Now Ford has announced that they’ll be dropping the 2.7TT into our beloved Ford Fusion, we’re extremely excited! This car will fill a small, powerful sedan market segment that America hasn’t excelled at since the original CTS-V. With each iteration of America’s sedans we see larger and larger vehicles that lose sportiness in order to obtain comfort. This Fusion should retain the sporty feel of the current Fusion but blend it with potential for incredible power.

The first sneak peak photos show a refined interior with much of the exterior styling that we know and love. How fun will it be to surprise S4’s and M3’s in this thing?