Going into this season, Custom Performance Engineering was tasked with coming up with a memorable livery for the 2016 season on the BG Racing EcoBoosts. We knew this would be a difficult task, since the former livery was so well known and it possibly the most recognizable Mustang EcoBoost out there. With a new group of sponsors, the BG Racing car was in need of a new wrap and a new look that could draw on the old livery while further pushing the design to something clean and instantly recognizable.

In the initial drawings, we went with 2 separate designs for Brad and Nina’s cars. We wanted one to be instantly seen as the race car, while the other was a more simple, street car. We incorporated every sponsor’s vinyl die cut as a design on top of an all over wrap to give the car a more dynamic and layered look. This is in contrast to last year where every sponsor was printed into the all over car wrap. This die-cut approach allows for more defined, high resolution logos, and an added depth to the design.

As you can see in the initial drawings, the two cars are very different in design. The race car has a much more elaborate look than the street car, with design elements under the sponsor decals. As we pushed this design further, we started to get a more simplistic look. This was more fitting for both BG Racing and the cp-e look. We tried to call back to the great race car livery of our Black Knight 1M car and keep things simple, yet recognizable.

Matte vinyls were chosen for an all over wrap underneath all of the sponsor decals. With the design for Brad’s car done, we couldn’t help but think this design would look excellent on Nina’s car as well. Instead of keeping everything identical, we flipped the grey and black matte vinyl to give the car a different look. With Brad’s car being known for its black paint previously, we kept his car mostly black and gave Nina’s car a larger portion of matte grey.

The end result is two seriously cool looking cars that are just different enough to stand apart in a field filled with flames and other gaudy design choices.