Starting off 2010 right for the MZR DISI

The DISI MZR has been plagued since 2006 with struggle after struggle for enthusiasts to make big power. For 4 years, others have attempted to make power with the DISI MZR and have come up short. cp-e™ stands here today with continued answers in its quest for 500whp; following our previous 410whp Dynojet, white 2008.5 MazdaSPEED3 development car (See Robbie under sponsored cars). We decided to bring a well known and well respected forum member, who has tried everything to make power on this vehicle, up to our facilty. With other tuning solutions and nitrous he still felt that the car was not anywhere near where the power should have been. Sean Flynn, “Socks”, from North Carolina drove up to cp-e™ on Thursday, and the ECU Calibration and tuning began. We started with a baseline of 290whp and 295wtq on our mustang dynamometer. From what we have seen, this dyno was expected from a 355whp previous dynojet result he had seen.