If you’re at all familiar with our Atmosphere turbo kit, you know that its been a long time coming. We are pleased to announce that our kit is in the new product showcase and installed on our project BMW N54 at our booth. 

The kit has been gatheing a lot of attention in new product showcase and the car has consistently drawn a crowd. 


The Atmosphere turbo kit features twin Tial turbos and twin Tial wastegates. This amounts to a very hefty amount of gear under the hood, and an extremely tight fit. To install the large twin GT3071’s on our project car, we removed the motor from the chassis and fitted the turbo kit. 

Here you can see the installed turbo kit with the cast manifolds. Casting the manifolds removes the possibility of cracking them at high horsepower levels and gives every kit a consistent finish. The kit includes a dual intake setup and custom downpipes made specifically for the Tial hot sides.


Everywhere that you look on the kit, it oozes quality and engineering prowess. From all of the covering on the lines, to the custom cast pieces, the cp-e Atmosphere turbo kit is a serious piece of kit.

To finish up all of the flexible areas of the kit, cp-e used 5-ply silicone. This is an expensive silicone, but we didn’t want to spare any expense in creating the ultimate BMW N54 turbo kit. All of the cast pieces and downpipes are finished in cp-e’s trademark Titan™ finish. This finish is a micro-forging process that strengthens the welds and gives the pieces an all-over uniform matte silver finish. This kit is made to look as good as it performs.

For the test vehicle, we’ve gone with a 4 door RWD model. This 335 has a great deal of parts in the works, and is going to be a total jaw-dropper once it’s finished. The work on the car doesnt just end at the turbo kit. This car is fitted with a custom differential, transmission work, loads of suspension work, and a beefed up rear end. Not only will the car make power, it can put it down.

The dual intake setup is the most obvious clue that something is going on under the hood. The turbos remain very well tucked away, and only a discerning eye will be able to spot them.