Our Story

cp-e started out as a dream of two engineers at University of Maryland in 2003. With hours of odd jobs, bartending, and working every possible second, Josh and Anthony purchased their first piece of equipment. Armed with an old CNC machine, the two started working on creating high quality motor mounts for the newly releases Mazda 6 platform.

After many revisions, different attempts at finishes, and hours converting a card driven CNC machine to GUI; they were able to release the first ever cp-e mount. Once this product was created, they kept looking for more and more platforms that they could break into. From the onset, the idea was to always manufacture products in the US and always offer a lifetime warranty.

With the release of the Mazdaspeed3, the two had found something that they could truly accel at, Direct Injection Turbocharged vehicles. The Mazdaspeed3 opened up the doors to a very exciting time for turbo cars, and with it, several cp-e parts were born.

Over fifteen years later, the two are still working on creating serious performance from serious engineering. Now the company has expanded to 20 employees and a combined 300,000 square feet of warehouse space aimed to engineer, manufacture, market, distribute, and install all of these parts. The numbers may have changed, but we’re still a small company focused on USA manufacturing with a lifetime warranty.

Highest quality Made in USA parts
with a lifetime warranty