cp-e™ Manufacturing

Custom Performance Engineering offers a wide variety of engineering and manufacturing services to the automotive performance industry. Our extensive capabilities can bring your next product from concept to reality.

These services include:

Mandrel Pipe Bending

cp-e has in-house mandrel bending capabilities to ensure that all of our exhaust and intake products have optimized flow. In addition to bending, cp-e is also able to cut and bump pipe to nearly any size needed for automotive application.

cp-e creates all pipe bends and welds in house to guarantee the high level of quality that we’re known for.

CNC Machining

Some of our most used pieces of machinery are our CNC machines. These machines are used for everything from motor mounts to flanges and all products in between. Our CNC machines are constantly being used to create our product line and bring the highest level of quality to our customers.

Highest quality Made in USA parts with a lifetime warranty