This past weekend cp-e™ and P3 performance reached another milestone by breaking the 400hp mark!! Robbie’s (a.k.a. CrazyItalian) white MazdaSPEED3 was brought to the University of Maryland car show for a dual purpose. First, show everyone how meticulously the car has been maintained and modified. Second, to break cover on what has been an extensive tuning endeavor. cp-e™ and P3 have been working around the clock tuning the SPEED3, and we were rewarded to the tune of 409whp when Robbie’s MS3 was strapped down to the Dynojet dyno at the show.

As you can see in the video posted above, the car was slipping pretty badly on the dyno. This is evidenced by the peak torque arriving all the way out at 6000rpm, whereas on our dyno it peaks much closer to 4500rpm. However, since we generated a 409whp with slipping wheels we’re excited to show you just how powerful the car really is once we’re finished tuning it. Stay tuned because there’s more to come!!