cp-e™ is in the process of developing more high quality replacement parts to add to their product lineup for the BMW 135/335/535 vehicles. However, many of the OEM parts are tucked so neatly into the engine bay they’re almost totally inaccessible with the engine in the car. The tight fitment is actually function of BMW’s superior packaging and engineering ability, and is actually very impressive. It may not make working on the vehicle very easy, but they’ve done an incredible job at cramming so much aluminum in such a small space.

So, in order to gain access to the various components we decided to pull the engine, transmission, and front suspension. You can see in the pictures Cameron is using our Faro digitizing arm in order to pick up key points that will be imported into CAD space. This data will indicate our work envelope, as well as any odd obstructions that would otherwise create fitment issues. It’s really an incredibly powerful tool, and while we have the engine out we’re going to digitize most of it in case we can use the data for future endeavors.