Is you car going through tires due to too much acceleration? Are you frightening passengers because of brutal acceleration? If you answered yes, then you might need to install one of our patented NoMore™ Turbo Delete kits.

With goals of dropping both weight and horsepower, we’ve developed an innovative turbo delete around the Mazda L3-VDT and Focus ST platforms. These state of the art turbo delete kits remove the dangerous factory (or aftermarket) turbos and allow you to arrive safe and sound with zero boost.

Maybe your car is constantly developing boost leaks? This kit is guaranteed to fix ANY boost leaks. Be prepared to be all show and zero go with our new NoMore™ turbo delete. No other manufacturer offers a similar solution.

Our kit will delete the turbo from the vehicle, ensuring a slow ride. Once the turbo is deleted, attempt to duct tape any loose parts, or just leave them as is.

Remember to drive slow and never accelerate too quickly!