At cp-e, we’re constantly looking to improve on the factory parts of every car that we support. Sometimes we even like to go back and revise our own parts when we find a better way to manufacture them, additional ways to gain performance, or just a new innovation that could improve an existing product.

Our lightweight FMIC for the Focus ST has proven to be one of our most popular products with excellent gains at an unbeatable price point. We love this FMIC, but saw some room for improvement in flow, so we’ve redesigned it and are proud to give you a sneak peak at the Focus ST Lightweight FMIC V2.

After hours of CAD development and flow testing, we’ve further improved the flow of this FMIC beyond what a core this size should be capable of. We’ve had several customers that want to use this excellent core even with conservative big turbo builds, so we’ve redesigned the FMIC to be able to stand up to intermediate big turbo builds. We still recommend our larger FMIC for people that want an all-out build, but why not improve upon this great FMIC?

To take things further, we’ve added a fin to the end tank design that smooths out the flow and reduces turbulence in the core. The end result is cooler, less turbulent air that actually uses the entire core, rather than just the front of it.



Overall, we’re very pleased with these updates and will be switching over to the new revised core immediately without any increase in price.