Custom Performance Engineering strives to create the highest quality and best performing products in the industry. Often magazines and various other media outlets look to use our products for various builds, combining the best components available for the vehicles in the after market performance industry.

Recently DSPORT Magazine did a two-issue build with a Hyundai Genesis Coupe with the 3.8l V6 motor – starting with basic bolt ons such as an intake and a cat-back exhaust, ultimately adding headers and tuning for the whole setup.

The header setup they decided to go with is the newly released Long Tube Header and X-pipe system from Custom Performance Engineering. We have worked hard on this design, pushing our capabilities and learning a lot from the project. As the chance to prove our products came around with DSPORT and their project we were more than happy to jump on this opportunity and see how our design fares in 3rd party testing.

The testing resulted in impressive gains and has proven some of our own theories about various configurations. We are very happy with the way the system performed and overall received very positive feedback from the magazine.

Pick up the latest issue of DSPORT magazine and see for yourself. Thank you DSPORT for the support.