This last week we brought the Raptor into the warehouse for a photoshoot. We were already taking some photos of our beloved RS, so we couldn’t help but bring out the Raptor for a photoshoot too.

We started out with a warehouse session, but felt that the Raptor needed an outdoor setting to properly capture it. Luckily we found an abandoned storefront in Spartanburg that had a very post-apocalyptic look. This was a perfect match to what we wanted to accomplish.

Why the Raptor?

Ever since the first generation Raptor came out with its 6.2L, we’ve wanted one for the cp-e stable. When Ford announced the 3.5L EcoBoost Raptor, we knew it was a natural fit for our product lineup. We ordered a Raptor as soon as our preferred dealer had the options list available.

The Raptor was stock for about 10 hours while we drove it to our shop and got a stock dyno run. Once we had a baseline, it was time for some EcoBoost Raptor Mods. Shortly after we developed our larger front mount intercooler. All EcoBoost cars are plagued with intercoolers that are far too small and the Raptor is no exception. After designing and starting the development process on the FMIC, we moved to create the larger diameter downpipes that the 3.5L desperately needs. These larger downpipes allow the turbos to spool more freely and are available with a high flow cat or in an off-road race configuration.

Time for some EcoBoost Raptor Mods

With the Raptor’s FMIC and downpipes sorted, we moved on to the design of the twin intake pipes and a larger charge pipe. With the performance handled on the Raptor, we contacted our favorite wheel manufacturer, Fifteen52 to provide a set of Tarmac HD wheels for the Raptor. These wheels were only a prototype at the time. Now they are a successful wheel that is a perfect match to any late model F-150.

The Fifteen52 wheels were matched with off-road spec Maxxis tires. With the proper stance and larger sidewall tires equipped, we outfitted the exterior with Baja inspired parts from Fabfours. Fabfours provided all of the prerunner style exterior pieces, which were finished in a proprietary Titan™ finish by Custom Performance Coating. Once we saw how good this looked, we ended up refinishing the wheels the same way. We couldn’t be happier with the end result and hope that you love our take on the EcoBoost Raptor.