cp-e™ has had the privilege to sponsor the team of Jason Saini & Richard Fisher and their Mazda5 in the One Lap of America event.

Many of you are probably wondering what exactly is the One Lap of America. Some of you have heard the name but don’t really know what it is. The One Lap of America started out as the real Cannonball Run. The Cannonball now made infamous thanks to the movie was created in the early 70’s by Brock Yates, Car & Driver’s senior editor.

This event evolved over the years thanks to feedback and suggestions from many of the participants and in 1992 a format was developed that is still used today. From onelapofamerica.com “…Nearly twenty-four hours a day driving with competition taking place as time trials on race tracks throughout the country. The event, as it always has been, is foremost one of endurance and vehicle preparation. No support crews are allowed. The tires that are used on the street are the same ones that are raced on (one set per team). Although scoring is based on performance at the race tracks, the vehicles and their drivers must survive over 5000 miles of driving interspersed with the finest meals available at gas station convenience stores. Personal hygeine takes a holiday and friendships (sometimes marriages) are stretched to the limits as these competitors battle fatigue, weather, traffic and the demands of high-speed competition with both unknown amateurs and seasoned professional drivers like Parnelli Jones, Price Cobb, John Buffum, Elliot Forbes Robinson and Hurley Haywood.”

Now that you know a bit more about the event let me explain the Mazda5.

Jason and Richard were provided with the 2010 Mazda5 amd manual transmission from Mazda USA. The drivetrain however came from a 2008 MazdaSPEED3 swapped by the techs at Autobarn Mazda. You can read more about the details of the car on Jason’s blog. We provided the team with a Standback™, FullControl™ Flash ( Throttle Control & Fuel Cut), and a HPFpump™.

Jason emailed us just this morning, “… It’s going GREAT! Car has run flawlessly, GRD did a great job on the tune and we got 305@wheels. Whenever I drive we are within the top 10 OVERALL among supercars, sports cars and sports sedans. Vipers, M3’s, boosted 335’s, Z06’s, you name it, we’ve beaten it… With a minivan! Did 14.1 best on the dragstrip, no traction 102mph trap. Came 35th at that, but came third overall in the bracket event with a 14.1 dial in! Thanks again for everything, the car has been stellar!”

Check out Jason’s blog for more information and updates!