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We have all heard the words Redline Time Attack spoken throughout the import community. Time attack is known to be a proving gound for tuners, but what is it exactly? Most simply it is the road course version of drag racing. Unlike drag racing, the Redline Time Attack consists of 1 warm up lap followed by 3 hot laps. We have been sponsoring Brian Alvarez with all of his power mods for his endevor into the world of Redline Time Attack racing. He came in 6th in his first round within the circuit at Buttonwillow back in March. On Sunday Brian placed 3rd in the Street Class FWDs at Willow Springs Raceway in only his second round in the circuit. Currently he is running with the cp-e™ Xcel Cold Air Intake, cp-e™ 3″ Catted Downpipe, cp-e™ 3″ Catback Exhaust, cp-e™ Standback™ EMS (not yet tuned), and the cp-e™ FullControl™ Flash- Throttle Control & Fuel Cut Fix. In an email I received from Brian earlier today he stated: “The brakes worked fantastically. At the first race I was essentially without brakes. The ecu reflash made throttle modulation much better. I was able to control traction of the front tires with greater precision. It makes the car easier to drive at the limit. It also gives me more control and precision.” Congrats to Brian for his acheivement! If you would like to follow his experiences in the Redline Time Attack series check out his blog.