When we set out to create our Atmosphere turbo kit, we wanted a no compromise turbo kit that was ready to set records. We’re glad to announce that is the case with Erik Vogel’s Focus ST running a cp-e turbo kit and a Dead Hook Motorsports built motor. Erik’s car hit an amazing 514whp and 472wtq with a GTX3076R.

The car is also running a cp-e ∆Core™ FMIC to keep the charge air temps down. We love how much this thing looks like it means business sitting behind the bumper without any of the factory black plastic blocking airflow.

The main reason this car is able to make so much power is that it has the built internals to support it. Using Manley Turbo Tough I-Beams (which we love personally) paired with DHM’s own pistons, this car has the rotating assembly to keep up with the added power of an Atmosphere turbo kit. Simply turning up the boost on a big turbo will make massive power, but the motor won’t last long at all. DHM has built a motor that is able to get the power that the Atmosphere turbo kit is really capable of.

Prior to upgrading to our big turbo kit, this car ran 12.2 @ 117mph. After this latest round of updates and more power, this thing is going to seriously move. Think we’ll see the first ST in the 11’s? It’s very possible.

The car still has some room to grow and we can’t wait to see how this platform progresses even further once the 4 bar MAP sensor, larger housing, and additional fuel come in to play. The EcoBoost 2.0 motor is about to get a LOT more exciting with companies pushing this platform.