When it comes to core size, the ’11-’14 EcoBoost F-150 is the king of them all. With the massive core cooling charge air for the 3.5LL Twin Turbo, this truck is a force to be reckoned with.

I finally installed that intercooler. Everything went as expected or better. It’s a very nicely built part and I was impressed with its design and fitment. That black coating looks awesome too. Everything I needed was there. Took maybe 2 hours with some breaks and my 3 year old helping. Over this next week I will collect data and see how she does. Today I drove it lightly and got into a little boost to test the clamps and couplings for leaks. So far so good. Intake Air temp was about 87 and after the Charge Cooler Temp was around 94. This was only about 10 minutes of driving on the highway.