Engine Core Requirements & Return Instructions

Please follow all instructions pertaining to the Engine Core Return. Failure to follow instructions may result in a forfeit of your Core and/or Crate Charge. Engine Cores and cp-e™ Crates MUST be returned within 90 days of receipt to be eligible for a Full Refund. Core and/or Crate Charges are contingent on our inspection.

Overview of Core Requirements:
• Inspect sleeves for cracks
• All main bolts and main girdle must be included
• It must be properly packaged with protection on all sides
• Please clean off as much oil residue as is possible
• Remove all accessories (anything that is attached to the engine) • Leave anything internally on the engine as a part of the core.

Core Ineligibility – The following will automatically be denied for a core return. Please inspect your core for these before sending to cp-e™.

• Cracked cylinder walls
• Broken or cracked crankshaft
• Cracked engine block

Please Have the Following Removed from the Engine

• Oil pump, sprockets, or pickup
• Balance shaft
• Timing cover
• Rear main seal
• Crankshaft bolt, pulley, sprockets, or washers

If you are returning your engine block, please complete and return the block with this form.