cp-e™ is proud to announce the first available tuning solution for the 2010 mazdaSPEED3. Our proven Standback™ 2 piggyback engine controller and PNP™ harness is now in stock and ready to ship for the Gen2 SPEED3. The Standback™ 2 is one of our proudest achievements since the company’s inception, enabling on-the-fly adjustments of boost pressure, ignition timing, and fuel delivery all in real time. As many of you know, advanced tuning isn’t all that you gain from the Standback™ 2. You can also datalog just about every engine sensor: an invaluable tool for diagnosing tuning problems as well as for monitoring engine health. Combined with the new PNP™ harness designed specifically for the Gen2 SPEED3’s redesigned ECU, installation takes only a few minutes and there is no risk to the factory warranty. Our many successes using the Standback™ 2 to tune high horsepower MZR DISI motors is guaranteed to continue as we develop and mature this exciting new MazdaSPEED3!