We’ve had some time to build up Project EcoBoost with some go-fast parts, including mods to boost efficiency, build more torque, and release more horsepower. Now that the car is wearing a larger PTE turbo mated to a custom wide-mouth cp-e™ exhaust manifold, the car can really make great power. From the factory the stock 2.3L turbo motor doesn’t have much power over 5,000 rpm. It just sort of falls on it’s face. Luckily, a big turbo can more than make up for that shortcoming.

In addition to the larger turbo, the car has a cp-e™ front mount intercooler to keep charge temps down and a custom downpipes to expel exhaust gases. This downpipes is mated to a custom downturn exhaust to provide the most high-end power gains and the least amount of back pressure.

With all of this extra power, traction can be an issue at times. To get the power to the ground, we’re running some slicks and skinnies for track use. Below you can see our first and only run at the track. Unfortunately we went on a night that an NMRA event was being held so we only got a single pass. With more seat time and practice launching the car, we’ll be able to see some great times from this little 4 banger. Here’s our only track run so far.