The crash bar: The design for our intercooler was done with the idea that we would be replacing the factory crash bar. We do so using a steel square tube along with strong .25″ mounts. The bar is a direct replacement for the factory piece. We also made sure that we retained the factory styrofoam absorber – its an important safety feature and should be kept.

BOV The FMIC kit will come in varying configurations. One would be with an option for the user to retain the factory BPV and the piping would not include any flanges (cost effective). Another configuration would be for a Tial or HKS BOV. We have been using these BOVs for a long time and trust their quality. They look great on the vehicle and have consistent performance.

Piping All piping is custom bent in house on our CNC mandrel benders – we use the latest technology to ensure consistency and quality – so no fitment issues for you. The pipes are also bead rolled to reduce the risk of popping off under high boost. The piping will have a few options in terms of finish – cp-e™ Gray, black or a custom color scheme will be available.

Silicone/Clamps We have silicone couplers and hoses custom made for quality and durability. Quality T-bolt clamps are used on all couplings for optimal strength. Power Steering We relocate the power steering cooler to a new location over our intercooler. A small bracket and extended hoses are included for easy installation.

Again, there are more details to be released closer to actual release For now, enjoy the photos and ask questions. In the coming weeks: – Extensive testing – we will be doing extensive testing to calculate efficiency and gains – a white paper writeup about that will be available. – Pricing – once the kit is fully complete, every thing will be accounted for and final pricing will be released. Thanks for your attention! Do ask questions – Id be happy to answer them.

The Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T has a lot of potential and for those who want to get the most out of the vehicle – upgrading Front Mount intercooler is a good way to get more efficiency out of the factory forced induction system and prep the car for bigger power in the future. Custom Performance Engineering has been actively working on various upgrades for the platform and the FMIC project is finally nearing completion. Keeping in mind the potential of the car we wanted to create a kit that worked well with the factory turbo and would be a great asset for those with turbo upgrades. To keep things simple I will write out some of the features of the setup. We use precision measuring tools to ensure factory-like fitment and our manufacturing process ensures near-perfect consistency from part to part. Our designs ensure bolt on application – no custom fitments or adjustment will be necessary – and the kit will come with everything necessary to install and run your car out of the box. Do keep in mind – there are some things that are to be revealed so the feature list is not yet complete The Core: We have designed the core with the future in mind. Its large – 24in wide, 3.25in deep and 9.5in tall. We designed the end-tanks to optimize flow. If you notice they are not symmetrical. The inlet tank encourages air to fill up the entire chamber and the outlet tank collects the air smoothly. The core comfortably fits behind the bumper with no modification to the bumper.