Custom Performance Engineering has been hard at work at developing a good intake system for the 2.0T Genesis Coupe.

We explored different options and it all came down to this design as it seemed most fitting for this car. Do remember – this is a prototype and may look a little rough. In an ideal situation, for optimal turbo efficiency you want unrestricted flow to the turbine inlet. You also want the flow of air to be as cool as possible. This design is centered around those two requirements. Unrestricted Flow: We designed a whole new turbo inlet pipe/hose. Made of heat resistant silicone with a wire mesh reinforcement part wrapped inside to prevent collapse under vacuum. The inlet diameter is 4in necking down to the stock turbo size. The system also features a large 4in filter that will be offered as a DFlow™ or SynoilD™ (oiled). The box design features openings on the side (near the headlight) to get good cool airflow and an inlet that joins to the stock air scoop – also allowing a good amount of air flow.

Cold Air Our Genesis Coupe intake setup features a fully enclosed box that has openings on one side for the turbo to suck in cool air from under neath the headlight and a unique inlet on the box so that the stock air scoop will retain functionality in flowing fresh cool air from the front of the car. The box is also made of 18GA Stainless Steel – as this metal has great characteristics on isolating and reflecting heat. The silicone inlet is also resistant to heat – and the combination of the features allows the air to stay consistently cool as it flows through to the turbo inlet.

Utilizes stock air scoop for fresh cold air – Easy access to filter through top opening/port. – Powder coated black for a sleek, stock look (polished stainless will probably be another option) Something unique: – This intake system will be compatible with big turbo upgrades – much like our downpipe for this vehicle. Customers who purchase the intake for the stock turbo will be able to purchase a larger silicone inlet hose that will connect to the cp-e airbox and the big turbo. Dyno Testing: Coming Friday, July 10th. Pricing: TBD – soon Photos: Off the Car