FMIC Upgrades are soon to be a common modification – at which point the factory unit mounted below the main radiator will be rendered useless, taking up space, weight and collecting rodents in the open endtanks.

Removing the factory FMIC opens up quite a bit of usable space and reduces weight. Unfortunately – removing this small intercooler means losing support for the radiator above, thus requiring alternative mounts.

cp-e™ will be coming out with a basic yet versatile solution to removing your factory intercooler.

> Strong laser cut aluminum ensures a sturdy and very precise mounting solution for the radiator assembly.

> Also features mounts for other various coolers: a power steering cooler and an oil cooler

The IC Replacement kit can come in various configurations:

1. Basic kit – removing the factory IC and installing the lighter cp-e™ solution saving weight.

2. Power Steering cooler – the kit will come with a power steering cooler and necessary hardware to replace the factory unit. The bigger, more efficient cooler will be a good upgrade for the car.

3. Oil cooler – the kit can also be had with an oil cooler which can be very useful in higher horset power or race applications. There are lots of kits out there that intercept the oil feed at the engine oil filter and along with this kit – genesis owners will have a safe, effective place to mount the oil cooler.

4. All of the above – oil cooler, PS cooler and the IC replacement solution.

This is the prototype unit – just to give you an idea as to what it looks like.


We would like to gauge interest in this setup and get some feedback – so if anyone has questions – please ask! We will do our best to get them answered.