Direct Injection and turbocharging are a match made in heaven. Little boosted motors love to make torque and have made leaps and bounds in the last few years. But one area that they’ve always struggled with has been fueling.

Most tuners try to solve this by making larger injectors. With port fueling, this works pretty well, but DI complicates the situation quire a bit. Larger DI injectors are expensive and requite a ludicrous amount of overhead in production for a return that isn’t necessarily guaranteed.

Our experience with the Mazdaspeed and BMW DI turbo motors made this solution pretty straightforward. Why modify and force 4 small injectors to squirt a tiny amount more fuel, when you could just add 4 additional injectors. That’s exactly what we did.

To put down out the fuel that we need, we added our Mustang EcoBoost FuelBar kit. This plate goes in between the cylinder head and the intake manifold and allow for 4 additional injectors to be added. Sounds messy? It isn’t. All 4 extra injectors are hidden and tucked away under the intake manifold, giving a surprisingly factory look. This required some clever engineering, but the end result is an effective way to add extra fuel.

With Mitch’s engine building and installation prowess working full time on the project, we brought in our Lead Engine Calibrator, Sander to wire and tune the extra fuel. Like we mentioned in the last article, this is uncharted water. Even so, Sander made this part of the build look easy and effortlessly wired and tucked all of the extra fueling components and fuel system controller away in the car. The result is a truly major change to the car that could be missed by all but the most hardcore enthusiasts.

Now armed with extra fuel and durability, it was time to hit the track.