After throwing a catalog worth of parts at the car, it was time to bring it to the track. The initial goal of running 10’s at Bowling Green for the EcoBoost shootout was unfortunately unsuccessful. The motor was making loads of power, but factory fail safes were being triggered causing the car to lose power under full load. With a weekend best of 11.13 @ 121, we were a little distraught.

The 1.5 second 60’ times were promising and we knew that a 10 second pass was just around the corner. Fast forward two weeks to October 14th and a track day at MIR. With Mitch on the scene monitoring the fuel delivery and Adam from Revolution Automotive working on the engine calibration, we knew that there was a good chance things could work in our favor.

First run of the day, the car is loaded off the trailer and pulls up to the burnout box. The burnout sounds strong, really strong. Off the line and passing the 60 foot in 1.48 seconds. This looks good. POP POP POP POP POP!!! The engine over revs and bounces off the rev limiter going down the track. 11.33 @ 122.

The ET was low, but the mile per hour looks very promising. The car rolls back up to the trailer and Adam pops out the plugs to make sure we’re in decent shape. They look brand new. A few changes are made to the tune and its back to the line.

Brad pulls up to the burnout line and starts his burnout. This one sounds even stronger than the last. The car leaves hard and puts the power down strong. The quarter mile seems to be disappearing much faster than it had previously. He crosses the line and the board lights up. 10.91. Everyone pauses in disbelief for a moment and then erupts. We’ve just witnessed the first EcoBoost car to make a 10 second pass.