Introducing MagnumDI™ MZR 2.3 DISI Stage3 Pistons


Custom Performance Engineering continues its MZR DISI development and pushing the limits of
technology. We are proud to introduce the MagnumDI™ Stage 3 pistons.
Engineered with performance and strength in mind specifically for the Mazda MZR 2.3 DISI motor
these Stage 3 pistons will hold up to almost anything. Made using a state-of-the-art forging process
with extensive heat treating and special finishing, cp-e™ ensures optimum reliability which is exactly
what is needed in a high performance engine.
Precision CNC machined to cp-e™ spec, Stage 3 pistons have even more defined valve pockets and
a dome with unique features to optimize fuel distribution within the cylinder. The extra pocket in the
dome design sends fuel up towards the spark plug, optimizing the mix with oxygen and in turn making
the burn process more efficient.
This piston has been designed specifically to support a wider pulse width to enable greater hp and
extra fuel.  Compression has been raised to 10.5:1 in the Stage3 version of the MagnumDI
pistons.  This higher compression will give you the same power at lower boost levels.  It is only
available in an overbore, 90mm, for use with a 2.4L motor. This option is for the driver looking to race
their car, but it is also completely streetable.
The forging, pin, rings, and design features have all proven themselves to well over 1000hp for the
ultimate in reliability and street-ability.The pistons are machined with a special cam and barrel design helping with piston positioning within the cylinder and its movement with stress and heat, also reducing the noise, commonly acquired with forged internals. They are also coated for reduced friction and noise and to promote oil lubrication.
cp-e™ knows the DISI MZR 2.3 inside and out, and has done extensive research and engineering to
bring you the proper tools for a successful, high horsepower solution. The MagnumDI™ Stage 3
pistons are the choice for reliable power.
• 90mm Overbore
• 10.5:1 Compression (Decrease Turbo Lag w/out Side Effects)
• Advanced 2618 Alloy Strutted Forging Design
• Premium 6mm Wall Thickness Pins with 22.5mm pin diameter
• Offset wristpins like OEM
• Massive .300″ and .200″ 2nd Land Thicknesses
• Skirt profile that Minimizes Piston Rock
• Minimal Piston to Wall Clearance
• CNC Brush Deburring
• Premium Nitride Steel Top and Napier 2nd rings
• Precision Pin Bore Honing
• Valve Pockets with Increased Depth and Diameter
• Combustion Enhancing Bowl Design
• Made in the USA