So lately we’ve had a lot of focus on the Liberty Walk cars and the other show-stoppers and cars that were re-blogged over and over. At SEMA it’s incredibly difficult to stand out, with new builds and unbelievable money poured into cars at every corner of the show. But somehow, this car, (a vehicle that wasn’t even complete!) stood out the most to me.

Magnus Walker has a great style with his builds and after seeing different versions of the STR build, it was great to see the latest creation in person.

This car has just as much work as the show-stoppers (if not more) invested in the body styling, but it just looks so perfect and factory true.

This style doesn’t conform to OEM+ or Wild, it just has Magnus’ favorite aesthetic ideas integrated in the best way to date.

The louvers seen on the trunk and front fenders are really a work of art. The subtle yet racy paint job really sets this build off. At a show dominated by over the top styling, the subtlety and elegant styling of Magnus’ STR build was a great change of pace.