Magnus Walker takes beautiful cars and makes them subtly more beautiful. There’s a lot more to it than that, but thats the Urban Outlaw approach in a nutshell.


This particular car is one of Magnus’ older builds and it exudes character from every angle.


Sure the paint isn’t perfect and it has chips here and there, but this is a real deal track car.


It’s always awesome to see machines that are used and abused rather than just built for the show and then torn down. This car really takes that approach and runs with it.


The rear deck lid louvers have become a signature modification for Magnus, and they look incredible in person. It’s hard to imagine a Porsche without these!



The interior sports some well worn race seats and weight reduction to get this vehicle down to 2,250 lbs. The light weight along with 220hp from the straight six give this car some pep. It won’t win any drag races with modern Porsches, but the mechanical feel, along with the style set it way ahead in our opinion.



The car wears Magnus’ own wheel design, the Fifteen52 Outlaw. These wheels draw on vintage design, such as the Fuchs, but update the style for today. They still appear correct on the car, but offer modern fitment and construction.

After seeing this car online, it was really rewarding to see it in person. What are your “unicorn” cars that you hope to someday meet?