MazdaSPEED3 ΔCore™ Front Mount Intercooler Version2


MazdaSPEED3 ΔCore™ Front Mount Intercooler




Price: $1,185.00

All front mount intercoolers are not created equal!

Reintroducing our ever-popular ∆Core™ Front Mount Intercooler Kit for the MazdaSPEED3 Gen1 (07-09).  This kit will be compatible with all cp-e™ intakes, as well as any other aftermarket intakes on the market.  We also include a custom silicone upper radiator hose and a new, larger capacity power steering cooler. 

We have redesigned the piping of this kit to provide more airflow and allow more flexing of the pipe under spirited driving conditions.  The original piping was 2.25” it has been upgraded to 2.5”.  We’ve made this core as big as possible to allow for maximum airflow, while not requiring any cuts or modifications.  We have also reengineered the end tanks and core for better quality and a larger capacity of air.

Our ∆Core™ FMIC posted 82% peak thermal efficiency, as compared to the stock TMIC at 63%.  This results in a cooler air charge allowing the turbo to work more efficiently and produce more power.  Cooler intake air temperatures also prevent knock and retarded ignition timing.  Data is recorded from the turbo outlet to the throttle body.  Not just the inlet and outlet of the core.


All necessary materials for the install are included and at no point should any cuts or modifications be necessary.  100% bolt on!  

  • 616in.3 Aluminum Core (22”x8”x3.5”)
  • Cast-aluminum end-tanks (not fabricated sheet metal, end tanks welded to core)
  • 100% Bolt On! No frame modifications necessary
  • 2.5 inch piping
  • T-bolt clamps
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty

Selecting a good intercooler kit can be a daunting task. The choice becomes even more confusing when you consider how much conflicting information there is about intercoolers on the internet.

“Is bigger better in the world of intercoolers?”
“What’s a good thermal efficiency?”
“Will the FMIC add turbo lag?”
“Why is the pressure drop important?”

These are all important questions to ask, but most companies are hesitant to disclose these technical specifics, if they even have them at all! That’s why we have gone ahead and assembled a document explaining not only why the intercooler was designed the way it was, but also how the kit performs on the street. We justify our design by showing you exactly how well it performs as compared to the stock intercooler. How else is one to make an educated decision without such information?

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