It truly is a great time to be a Ford enthusiast. With the current Focus ST / RS and the Fiesta ST, Ford has the hot hatch market cornered. They also have a fun, affordable coupe in the form of the Mustang EcoBoost. All of these cars are exciting stock, but can become a totally different creature when they’re modified.

Ford is taking this working formula and applying it to other vehicles in their lineup. Ford has already hinted at what to expect with the upcoming Edge ST, but now they’re also confirming an Explorer ST. With a stronger move toward SUV’s in the American market, this makes perfect sense and gives enthusiasts hope for less boring daily drivers.

We’ll always prefer the performance focused variants, especially the smaller hatchbacks, but we love that Ford is getting creative and making fun versions of vehicles that are typically boring.


In addition to the Explorer ST, they also announced plans to bring a small, off-road focused vehicle to market. Presumably, this would be a Bronco-based design aimed directly at the Wrangler. With Ford’s commitment to the EcoBoost, we can see a lot of potential for cool engine choices in this car and can’t wait to see them on the road.


Finally, Ford teased the upcoming GT500 and gave us the best look at the car to date. We’re still expecting a monumental supercharged V8 that will produce over 700-hp in the proven S550 body. It still isn’t clear whether this will be a Coyote or Voodoo based engine, but our bet is on a modifed Coyote.