Mustang EcoBoost Mods

Mustang EcoBoost Mods

The Mustang EcoBoost is a formidable platform straight from the factory. It’s plenty potent, armed with it’s 2.3L engine that’s shared with the legendary Focus RS mated rear wheel drive. Just a few years ago, 300hp from a stock 4 cylinder seemed like a pipe dream, now it’s the norm. 300hp is great for a factory car, but why stay there when you can make so much more?

The Mustang EcoBoost responds incredibly well to mods. The stout 2.3L makes tons of power with every new modification. These cars do have several big flaws from the factory, but cp-e knows how to fix them!

Lower Your Charge Air Temps

The weakest link on every EcoBoost car is the factory front mount intercooler, or FMIC. Heat soak is the enemy when it comes to the Mustang EcoBoost. The absolute best way to fix this is with one of our intercoolers. Although, we may be biased the results speak for themselves.

There will always be a few different approaches to modding the Mustang EcoBoost, so we created two different FMICs. We offer a cheaper stage 1 version for the user that likely won’t go beyond bolt-on parts. For the no holds back Mustang EcoBoost Mods, the race version is what you want.

In addition to the FMIC, the charge pipes are essential to keeping your charge air temps low. Also, our version of these pipes allow you to add an HKS or Tial blow off valve! Adding a BOV or blow off valve, is  great way to let your Mustang EcoBoost’s turbo character show. Ford suppresses the turbo sound that we enthusiasts love from the factory. Take it back by adding one of our exhale kits! If you’d prefer to keep the stock diverter valve, that’s fine too. We offer a hot side charge pipe that includes the factory diverter valve plate.

Bring in Cooler Air

Intakes are a popular mod on every turbo car, and for good reason; they sound extremely cool. Intakes unlock the hidden turbo spool sound in your Mustang EcoBoost. In addition to sounding great, they add real horsepower and torque and are on the easier side to install. In the case of the Mustang EcoBoost, it’s a no-brainer.

The cp-e intake features a sealed box that looks as good as it performs. This is combined with a massive 4″ filter and custom powder coated pipe. We wanted to have something that you can be proud of when you pop your Mustang’s hood.

Increase Turbo Spool with a Downpipe

Turbos work best when they’re able to spin more freely. With the intake bringing in the fresh, cool air, you’ll need to clear up the other side to expel the hot air. The first piece of the exhaust puzzle post-turbo is the downpipe. Adding a larger downpipe will allow your turbo to spool quicker, reducing the time it takes to get into boost. This also adds more horsepower and torque than the cat back section. When it comes to selecting a downpipe, you have two options: catted or off-road. If your car is driven anywhere other than a race track, catted is the choice for you. We offer an off-road version for race-prepped cars that need to squeeze out every last horsepower from their stock turbo EcoBoost Mustang.

Make That 4 Cylinder Sing With an Exhaust System

4 cylinders with a modified exhaust are the butt of a lot of automotive jokes. But not to worry, not every 4-banger has to sound like a weedwacker. In fact, the Mustang EcoBoost (and Focus RS for that matter), have one of the sweetest sounds available once you add a cp-e exhaust. Our favorite version is the full exhaust with mufflers, but we also have a shorty race version for the track guys.

The exhaust is sold in two sections, the axle back and the mid exhaust. When you combine these two parts, you end up with a cat back exhaust. The axle back is available with or without a muffler depending on your sound preferences. If you’d like least restriction possible and the most sound, the race exhaust is your best bet. This exhaust is a shorty downturn off of the downpipe, meant only for race use.

“I Wanna Go Fast”

Ok Ricky Bobby, we read you loud and clear! The Mustang EcoBoost is truly a serious platform to go fast as hell. When it was released, the V8 guys really doubted that this little 2.3L could ever match the mighty Coyote. We were on the cutting edge of EcoBoost Mustang modification and developed the turbo kits to bring this platform into the 10’s and then into the 9’s. We know these cars inside and out because we were building the parts for the cars that were breaking records. If you bought an EcoBoost and thought “300hp, I want double that”, we have your covered.

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