It’s no secret that we love the Ford EcoBoost vehicles. Even before they were called “EcoBoost”, in the days of the Merkur, we’ve embraced these cars 100% and have committed to pushing the market on turbo Fords. The Focus ST was one of our fastest growing platforms and quickly matched the amount of product that we were offering for the Mazdaspeeds. When the 2.3L Mustang was released, we hit the ground running and pushed that car into a 9 second 1/4 mile before the Mustang EcoBoost was even 2 years old. With the Focus RS confirmed for the US, we placed one of the first orders and have developed an entire suite of products dedicated to moving this vehicle forward as quickly as possible.

Throughout all of these developments, it seems like one of the small 4 cylinder Fords has been forgotten. The truth is that Ford’s smallest EcoBoost offering is among the most fun and most capable cars to hold the EcoBoost title. Unlike all of the other 4 cylinder engines, this one has an exhaust manifold that isn’t integrated into the head, allowing for some creative development. With hours of CAD testing, flow analysis, and redesign, we’ve come up with an =LTRmani™ for the Ford Fiesta ST. Currently we’ve only tested this manifold with the stock turbo, but the gains are still noticeable. Here is an excerpt from the owner of our in house development car.

We saw gains in the mid and high rpms with the stock turbo with the same tune. With some more time on the dyno, we suspect to get some more out of the manifold and then begin testing with larger turbos. Based on data from the runs we have, the manifold is flowing much more efficiently than the stock, unequal length manifold.