If you follow NMRA drag racing at all, you’re probably familiar with Brad Gusler’s EcoBoost Mustang. This car dominated last year and consistently set records for the fastest Mustang EcoBoost. In part, the new EcoBoost Battle series at NMRA is due to this car. Brad car saw a best time of 10.58 last year, which is incredibly quick, especially when you remember this car is a 4-cylinder.

After a successful season with the EcoBoost, Brad & Nina Gusler set out to build a more street oriented car. This car wouldn’t feature weight reduction or excessive chassis build. The only chassis mid would be the cage that it would inevitably need for safety once it starts making some boost.

In addition to the slight added bracing, the car has several cp-e go fast parts. This car is running our Airstation for consistent control over the cp-e Exhale BOV Kit. Also, the observant eyes might notice the altrD™ Transverse Engine Mount Cover. This plate covers the unsightly holes on the front of the engine.

All of this engine dress up doesn’t mean anything without power to back it up. The majority of the power gains come from a cp-e Atmosphere turbo kit with a large Precision turbo. This combined with our 3″ QKspl™ Downpipe and Austenite™ Race Exhaust give the car a mean sound filled with plenty of awesome turbo spool. This additional power requires more fuel and more cooling.

The extra fuel is delivered thanks to our FuelBar™ Kit and our Torpedo™ fuel filter. The car didn’t stay in the stock Magnetic paint for long. A new wrap was fitted in a matte grey and matte black with contrasting sponsor logos. We have to say this look is a welcome change from the usual flashy wraps we see.

The cherry on top for this build is the cp-e Front Mount Intercooler. This large FMIC adds a great deal of additional volume over the stock FMIC. In addition the end tanks are designed to keep the turbulence low and minimize pressure drop.