Bully Dog BDX (Gas & Diesel)

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Bully Dog BDX

Bully Dog’s new BDX hand-held performance tuner gives drivers the edge they need, whether tackling tough terrain, pulling a heavy payload or maximizing fuel economy on the highway. Its sleek design, full-color display and customizable gauges help track and adjust powertrain performance to deliver more horsepower and torque when it’s needed most. Cloud-based tune delivery over built-in WiFi means that the BDX will always be running the latest tuning- enabling drivers to stay one step ahead of the pack. This Product does not support any changes to your vehicle’s emission system.

Cloud Custom Tune Delivery

Custom tuning dealers can send custom tunes direct to your Bully Dog BDX over the cloud using the in built-in WiFi.

Extensive Monitoring and Datalogging Capabilities

Customize the monitoring capability of your Bully Dog BDX using Derive’s free Livelink software.

Read and Clear DTCs

Read and Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) without the need to take your vehicle to a dealership.


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