Do to popular demand, we’re releasing an uncut version of the silicone included in our HotCharge™ pipe kit. This Focus ST Uncut Silicone can be used for applications where non-factory frame turbos are being used that may change the location of the turbo compressor outlet. If you are running the stock turbo, this is not necessary as the HotCharge comes with the correct silicone. This silicone leaves extra room so the customer can trim to fit for different turbo applications.

Focus ST Uncut Silicone Features

This Focus ST Uncut Silicone is a 90° transition. It features a 2.000″ ID To 2.500″ ID and is built from 4-Ply/5mm Wall silicone. The Focus ST Uncut Silicone has two 3.250″ leg lengths and can be trimmed to fit for custom applications.

While this part isn’t needed for 95% of applications, we want to cover the ST owners that go custom. This will allow you to continue using your hot side charge pipe when going to a larger turbo. Additionally, this silicone can be cut to fit, so the fitment options are endless.

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions12 × 6 × 3 in


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