Tired of that fake engine sound coming in through your firewall? Want to clear up some space and delete some hoses in your engine bay? Want to have a direct source to the intake manifold to take advantage of? So many questions, with the same, single, solution. Introducing the cp-e™ BlockD™ Sound Symposer Delete.

Focus ST Sound Symposer Delete

We mill this piece from billet aluminum and CNC to perfection on one of our in-house mills. Additionally, this kit provides everything you need to delete your sound symposer system on your Focus ST. Not only will you get the delete plate, but you will get two fittings that give you the option of running a vacuum source from the intake manifold, or cap it off until later. Anodized black and laser engraved, this plate gives your engine bay the sleek, stealth look it’s been craving!

Pair the BlockD™ Focus ST Sound Symposer Delete with the cp-e™ AirStation™ to get a uniform look and convenient source of vacuum for all your boostin’ needs!

Designed to work with our AirStation™ for a complete vacuum solution!

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 3 in


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