Fiesta ST Rear Motor Mount

The OEM Fiesta ST Rear Motor Mount is a known weak link. One of the biggest issues is the OEM rubber that will flex too much, hindering performance during spirited driving. cp-e™ has taken their knowledge and experience with motor mounts, and put it to solving this issue on the Fiesta ST; reducing wheel hop, engine movement, and the performance robbing effects that the stock mount allows.

cp-e™ goes a step above the rest by using an EPDM bushing; a type of rubber. Urethane begins to fail at temperatures as low as 200°F and generally the bushings need a higher durometer rating to hold together. The Fiesta ST rear motor mount is a perfect example of when not to use urethane as many companies do. The location of the mount allows a large amount of heat to be transferred to the bushing. EPDM holds up to this heat, and doesn’t begin to break down and fail. To top it off, EPDM has a higher density than urethane, so the bushing can have a lower durometer rating while keeping high reliability and support. Why is that good? A higher durometer bushing would transfer more vibrations through the vehicle and into the cabin, raising the NVH (noise, vibration, & harshness) value.

All components of the mount is CNC machined out of billet 6061-T6 aluminum and designed to bolt into the stock location without any modifications to the vehicle. Anodized black, and laser engraved for a clean look, the mount assembly is a sure eye pleaser; making you smile every time you change your oil!

Because the new design is more rigid and flex’s less you will experience less wheel hop and engine movement with spirited driving; lowering those lap times at your weekend track days! Essentially, the engine mount allows the car to “hook up” better, and allows easier, more precise shifting.

EDPM Bushing

Unlike nearly all other engine mount manufacturers, we use EPDM for our bushings. This provides much more vibration resistance when compared to polyurethane. This material is also extremely resilient and is able to stretch and even develop small cracks without affecting its structural integrity. EPDM is much more expensive to produce, but it is a far superior bushing material.

Pressed Center Insert

Our metal inserts are physically pressed into our EPDM bushings. This allows the bushing material and the metal to have a perfect connection without any gap. Other manufacturers cut their material out to fit, leaving small tolerances where the metal can still vibrate. Our construction allows the EDPM to absorb the vibrations and allows the metal inserts to smoothly move with the EDPM.

CALIFORNIA WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

Additional information

Weight6.0 lbs
Dimensions12 × 6 × 3 in

4 reviews for cp-e™ xFlex™ Ford Fiesta ST Rear Motor Mount

  1. 5 out of 5

    chramiji (verified owner)

    Received the item on Saturday 5/28, and took all of 15 minutes on Sunday 5/29 to install!

    No more bangs shifting from 1-2-3, vibrations are very harsh initially at 1000-1300 rpm, but literally after 5 minutes of driving it felt more like a rough rumble around the same range. The best way to describe it is when driving a low torque car and trying to accelerate from 4th gear starting at 600 rpm. Yeah… almost like a little engine chugging, but it isn’t the frequency is slightly higher.

    If you drove anything less than a luxury car, I don’t think the vibrations can bother you and it literally feels like it is smoothing out more every time I drive the car. good quality parts, and worth the extra to not have to bang or drill out my old RMM. My wife didn’t notice the difference, so that works for me.

    the car feels way more direct, and on point. no more weird mega granny shifting at 2nd and laggy feeling downshifts. Highly recommend, although I can only compare it to stock, I say this is a necessity if you are a driver.

  2. 5 out of 5

    [email protected] (verified owner)

    Installed the CPE RMM. Took me about 30-40 minutes without much prior experience working on cars. Pretty easy, just make sure to remember how everything goes together when you take out the original.

    After the install, I experienced extra vibrations when I started the car and at low rpms. I actually enjoyed the new rumble. But after a few days, the vibrations levels returned back to stock levels, which isn’t bad either.

    The RMM definetly helped with the Fiesta’s rough first to second gear shift. Shifting from first to second always annoyed me and my passengers, but it’s much better now. I would recommend this RMM to others looking for a smooth ride.

  3. 5 out of 5

    whellwig12 (verified owner)

    This part is amazing installed it the night I got it and it looks so good and the package was nice parts where not just thrown in a box and shipped they took there time. This engine mount gets a 10 out of 10 stars in my book

  4. 5 out of 5

    David (verified owner)

    Installed this about 2 weeks after taking delivery of my ’16.

    It does EXACTLY what it is supposed to/is claimed to do, and I would not even notice the added NVH at all IF it weren’t for the factory piece it replaces making the car so ‘Town Car’ smooth and quiet (but of course this is WHY we are replacing this piece in the FIRST place, because in order to be that smooth it MUST allow A LOT of engine/transaxle movement due to a VERY soft rubber bushing 😉 ).

    As others have said, I ONLY notice some ‘rumbling’ on initial startup, and then also when first letting out the clutch in first.
    After that, once moving, I do not even realize it is there except for the solid shifts and total lack of wheel hop.

    This piece actually helps me save the factory clutch lining since the engine/drive train, AND clutch pressure itself from the factory is just TOO quiet and smooth (to the point that I could not even tell it was running) due to a whisper quiet exhaust, and over-damped mounts.
    This mount helps let me know exactly WHAT the engine is doing/where it is in the rev range, on initial clutch release in first gear, thereby SAVING the expensive to replace clutch. 🙂

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