Gulf Mach 116 High Octane Gulf Race Fuel


Available for $19 / Gallon.


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Gulf Race Fuel

For Engine Applications that Require 110 – 116 Octane and Compression Ratios of Up to 15:1

Gulf’s additive lead replacement performs better than leaded fuels by producing more effective lubricity, while resisting detonation.  The product reaches its stoichiometric value between 14.8:1 and 14.9:1 at idle/closed loop; and further, will not damage oxygen sensing systems or catalytic converters, while avoiding ethanol entirely.

Typical Properties:
R+M/2  116
RVP 8.5
Oxygen Vol%  0
Specific Gravity  0.76
Color Clear

% Evaporated:

Unleaded Racing Fuel


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