We’re been very busy with production lately attempting to catch up for lost time from our move to South Carolina. Some of our most popular EcoBoost Mods have been in non-stop production. We’ve been making exhausts and intakes constantly. With this ramped up production, we’ve also been making engine mounts and other CNC parts.

EcoBoost Mods Back in Stock

It’s clear that we have a lot of Ford fans at cp-e. We’ve been focusing (pun intended) on ST and RS parts, but also have been catching up on the Mustang. With both EcoBoost and GT parts, the Mustang has become a mainstay in our catalog. In addition to the usual intakes and exhaust, we’ve added some more charge pipes and mounts to our warehouse.

Since we make all of our products in house at our Spartanburg, SC warehouse – we have unmatched quality control. From the original design, to bending, to welding, packing and shipping – we do everything in house. This is a big part of why we offer a lifetime warranty. We come in contact with every product, so we guarantee every product.

In addition to Ford parts, we’ve produced several of the Mazdaspeed3 exhausts. We’ve had a lot of requests for more of the Gen 2 exhaust for the Speed3. This exhaust uses a unique design to get one of the best sounds possible on the 2.3L turbo. With crossed piping and dual mufflers, this system is very similar to our 1M design.

Our exhaust for the Focus RS also shares this unique, trademarked Triton™ design. Although both cars use a very similar 2.3L, the unequal length manifold on the Mazda makes it sound very different.

Are there any products that you’r waiting on to come back into stock? Or are there any products that you wish we would make for your platform? Let us know!