With any aftermarket car parts manufacturer, you’d expect the employees to all have some type of modified cars, right? These people are choosing to spend a good portion of their week around modified cars, creating new parts, and getting those parts shipped out the door, so surely the parking lot at cp-e has to hold some interesting builds.

We’d like to introduce a new series on our blog where we highlight some of our employee’s personal builds. From cleanly modified Ford Fiesta ST’s to 1982 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia’s, the parking lot at cp-e is interesting to say the least. With all types of builds with unique goals and purposes, our employees are truly dedicated to every facet of the aftermarket industry.

To start this off, we’re introducing the newest project car you might run into at cp-e. This car was purchased with the idea that it could be a reasonably reliable daily beater, but the car has turned into something much more. The vehicle is a 2004 Audi TT 3.2 Quattro, owned by our Director of Media Marketing, Trip. When it was new, these cars went for nearly $60,000, but nowadays a clean one can be found for under $10,000. The narrow angle V6 in this car is shared with the Volkswagen R32 and is known for a very distinct sound. Colloquially called the “Angry Wookie”, this motor is characterized for its exotic hum, deep tone, and torque all over. 250hp from a 3.2L might not sound too special now, but with torque everywhere in the rev range, this car can hold its own, even today.

Being a naturally aspirated power plant, this engine won’t ever make considerable gains without going to forced induction. That’s perfectly fine, since the goal of this project is a reasonably reliable weekend car that can handle back roads nicely. Coming from a modified Focus ST featuring all cp-e parts, the car leaves a little to be desired from a roll, but the acceleration from a standstill is impressive. All wheel drive really makes this car and handling will be the focus of this build.

The car is overall in pretty good shape with excellent maintenance records. When buying a used car, good maintenance is a pretty crucial piece to the puzzle. Luckily this car has spent its life garaged as a second car and has reasonably low mileage. The first order of business is to address some maintenance items and then on to some more fun modification. Stay tuned for more updates as a wheel and tire package is selected next week.

Photos & Text: Trip Ulvila