The standout experience of the Ranger Raptor, hands down, is how far you can push it off-road and still ride like a millionaire on-road. — Damien Ross, Ford

Ford chose to release the new Ranger Raptor at a gaming convention in Germany. We’re very familiar with the amazing F-150 Raptor and it’s one of our favorite trucks of all time. The full size Raptor pushes the limits of what you can expect from a stock truck. With the massively powerful 3.5L twin-turbo and the tuned off-road suspension, the F-150 Raptor is a favorite in America.

But even with this said and the long lines to buy an F-150 Raptor, we don’t know if Ford will give us the Ranger Raptor. With the success of small trucks like the Toyota Tacoma, we definitely believe there’s a place for the Ranger Raptor in the American market. Especially with the reported 210 horsepower and incredible 368 ft-lbs of torque from a little 2.0L!

The diesel engine would be incredibly efficient and could be a favorite for people who want a truck, but can’t justify the heavy gas usage. With the short wheelbase compared to an F-150, this could be the truck for people in more densely populated areas, or people who want to take a truck off-road. We’d love to see one of these as a weekend getaway truck hauling gear to the mountains!