SEMA is always a big push every year for us to build something unique to display our latest parts and most innovative designs. This year we jumped out of our comfort zone and built a truck, a Raptor at that. We have a lot of experience with the Ford EcoBoost vehicles, so this build represents us scaling our efforts to the largest EcoBoost vehicle available.

Much like our SEMA build last year, we partnered with some other companies to build a truly unique vehicle. We were lucky enough to have the truck sponsored by Fifteen52, Fab Fours, Maxxis Tires, Custom Performance Coating, SCT Performance, and Rigid Industries. The end result is a seriously cool truck that stays true to our performance roots, sporting a full set of cp-e bolt-ons.

Custom Performance Coating finished the wheels from Fifteen52 in our signature Titan™ finish to match the exhaust system and bumpers on the car. The parts from Fab Fours were treated in a similar manner and coated to enhance durability.

Once we had the car built with a combination of our parts and the sponsor parts, we set out for the ultimate test in durability, a cross-country road trip. We’re located on the East Coast and drove the truck all the way to Las Vegas to log some testing data on our performance parts. Most vehicles are trailered to SEMA, but we wanted to use our show truck to the fullest.

Once we made it to Las Vegas without any issues, we set up our booth and proceeded to check out some of the other builds in our area. We’re all set up and open for the first day at SEMA Booth 36227, so if you’re in the area stop by and say hi! If you aren’t able to make it, we’ll be posting some photos of the Raptor, our other favorite builds, and cool new product as the week goes on. Stay tuned!