The Ford EcoBoost changed the game when it comes to direct-injected turbo vehicles. Prior to Ford’s small displacement turbo engines, the status quo accepted much lower horsepower output. Predecessors to Ford’s turbocharged cars (with the exception of the Mazdaspeeds) generally made around 200hp and could get to around 240hp with supporting mods. Ford’s 2.0L turbo comes out of the gates with 252hp and can make a substantial amount more power with the proper modifications. We are experts on the Ford EcoBoost platform and have an extension catalog of parts for most EcoBoost vehicles. Whether you need a new rear engine mount, or need to keep temps down with a FMIC, we have you covered. cp-e has made EcoBoost products since these cars were new and has helped pioneer the way for these platforms. With our turbo kit being the first in the world to hit 10’s and then 9’s on an EcoBoost, we have the race results needed for your street car.


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