This week at Custom Performance Engineering, we have a pretty rare sight. There’s not just one extremely rare Race Red Focus RS under the knife, but two cars receiving Focus RS Mods. This special edition of the Focus RS is limited to 1000 units for the RS, two of which are currently in our warehouse at the exact same time. If that’s not somehow a sign of synchronicity, then what is?

Focus RS Mods Done Two Ways

Our in-house tuner and head of the install engineering department, Mitch Levy is working on both cars, with very different goals. One vehicle is receiving bolt-on parts and getting some maintenance, while the other is getting a full engine build. The Focus RS is an excellent platform to modify because it works wonderfully as a daily driver or an all out race car. This shows that even the same exact spec vehicle can be used for both. You could daily drive and get through warranty with a few bolt-ons, then make a track-focused machine afterwards.

Luckily we make parts that support both tuning styles, including everything from a mild intake and downpipe addition, to bolt-on turbo kits. These hard parts combined with a custom tune really open up the potential for incredible power from Ford’s RS EcoBoost engine.