cp-e™ in conjunction with cpc™ is proud to introduce our new Dissipate™ coating. This coating was tested by SCT for thermal testing and tuning on their blacked out F-150 3.5L EcoBoost. After months of experimentation in the three stage process, we’ve perfected the coating.

Dissipate™ allows you to have an optically black core without any of the negative features common to black cores. Other solutions either reduce performance of the core or are not a true black finish and have a purple tint that gets worse over time.

This coating isn’t a paint or powder, it is actually a three step ceramic process that pulls heat away from the intercooler. This coating will be an option on several of our most popular intercoolers.

Why not paint or powder coating for a cheaper solution? Paint insulates the core, which is the exact opposite of what you would want to do on a FMIC. This causes the core to retain heat and raises charge air temperatures more than a bare aluminum core.

Conversely, our Dissipate™ coating has the same or better thermal conductivity as aluminum, so it isn’t negatively affecting the core temperature and can even draw heat away from the coated core.

  • No negative effect on cooling capabilities
  • Draws heat out from core, unlike paint or powder coating
  • Three-step ceramic process
  • Stealthy, logo-free design