A good question to ask your tuner is what car do they drive?  This can shine some light on what platforms they really know and buy into. In the case of our Head of Engine Calibration, Mitch has a Fiesta ST. This car has been used for development at cp-e and Mitch has been constantly updating and improving the tune since it was purchased new in 2015 and first flashed at only 700 miles on the odomemer. This should come as no surprise that he’s pro when it comes to Fiesta ST Custom Tuning.

Cobb, SCT, or HP Tuners??

Our lead calibrator, Mitch has experience training, and certifications to tune both Cobb, HPTuners and SCT/Bullydog devices. We use all three tuning softwares and have successful projects with each. What tuning platform is right for you? Each tuning device has a few unique features that will sometimes give it an advantage over the other. Some customers like the variety of devices that SCT/Bullydog offers, or the custom features that COBB adds to the tune, or the awesome Track Addict App that can be used with the HP tuners device. With experience on all three platforms, and a vast amount of Ecoboost knowledge, we are happy to speak with you about which device is best for your goals.

Fiesta ST Custom Tuning

A large percentage of our custom tunes are for the Focus ST and RS. These cars can make a tremendous amount of power with a few bolt ons. The same is true for the Fiesta ST. This car responds so well to mods and a tune that our tuner daily drives one himself! Not to mention his car has seen over 70,000 miles on a custom tune. This tune has been revised over 100 times as he dialed it in. Not only has this car been a test bed for cp-e, other manufacturers have worked with Mitch too.