αIntake™ – Intake designed for vehicles with a manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor. These cars are commonly referred to as “speed density” vehicles. An airbox is incorporated into the design.
Atmosphere™ – Bolt-on big turbo kit with stock like reliability and high horsepower potential.
Austenite™ – Cat back exhaust.
∆Core™ – Front mount intercooler designed to keep temperatures down.


BoostBucks™ – cp-e™’s customer rewards program. Allows you to earn 5% back on any eligible purchase made from us directly.


DFlow™ – Dry flow air filter. Does not use oil.
DownScream™ – Screamer pipe that connects the external waste gate back to the down pipe, used in an atmosphere turbo kit.



ExhaleBOV™ – Blow off valve kit. Available in both Tial and HKS configurations. Used to mount a blow off valve on a car that usually would not allow mounting.
Elevate™ – Modified internals stock turbo.


FicR™ – Factory intercooler replacement.



HeliHose™ – Steel wire re-enforced hose used for blow off valve and diverter valve operations.
HPFpump™ – High pressure fuel pump. Allows for optimum fuel delivery in high horsepower applications.


iceBOX™ – Intake system designed for mass air flow vehicles. Incorporates an airbox as an integral part of the design. Used in applications where a large diameter increase over stock is beneficial. May require custom tuning for maximum gains and removal of check engine light.




=LRTmani™ – Equal length runner manifold. High flowing manifold used for big turbo applications. Available in Tial, Precision, and stock (Mazda only) configurations.


MagnumDI™ – Highly durable pistons.
MZRevolved™ – The ultimate in Mazda MZR Turbo short blocks. Fully built and blueprinted blocks ranging from daily drivable Stage 1 to a full race Stage 3.


Nexus™ – Modular cat back exhaust system. Allows for component changes to optimize horsepower and sound.
Nviscid™ – Turbo inlet pipe.




QKspl™ – Downpipe optimized for the fastest turbo spool.
QuickPower™ – Test pipe optimized to give excellent power gains for minimal cost.



Suppliline™ – Fuel rails designed to support high horsepower applications.
SynoilD™ – Oiled air filter. Can be cleaned with any oiled air filter recharge kit.


Titan™ – Our proprietary satin finish. Allows for a completely even satin finish over the product that provides extreme durability.
TopHat™ – Allows multiple fuel pumps to be used in high horsepower applications.
TowPlate™ – License plate bracket that re-locates the plate to the factory tow hook for improved looks and airflow to intercooler.
Triton™ – Cat back exhaust system that features intertwining pipes for an unparalleled aggressive exhaust note. As seen on our Gen 2 Mazdaspeed3 and 1M exhausts.



Vibromount™ – Bushing used to absorb vibrations on our intake systems.



xCat™ – Removes the check engine light from a BMW when using a high flow down pipe.
Xcel™ – Cold air intake system designed to work with mass air flow sensor vehicles.
Unlike many intakes on the market, will not cause a check engine light.
XcelXL™ – Cold air intake system designed to work with mass air flow sensor vehicles. Unlike many intakes on the market, will not cause a check engine light. Designed for high horsepower applications.
XcelNANO™ – Short ram intake system designed to work flawlessly with the mass air flow sensor vehicles. Unlike many intakes on the market, will not cause a check engine light.
xFlex™ – Motor mount designed for maximum performance with minimal increase in noise, vibration, and harshness.
xLimit™ – Removes the top speed limiter on BMW applications.



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